Good day Sheepdogs,

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Good day Sheepdogs,

We really appreciate you and the service you provide.  We are proud to be able to support your efforts and thankful for your patronage.

Our website has been updated with expanded product lines & manufacturers.


Which person do you want covering you? 


In these crazy times, now more than ever we need our military and law enforcement to be on-point. In a liberal mentality somehow promoted by mainstream media, the good guys are demonized and the bad guys are glorified.  We admire, respect, and support all of our military and law enforcement personnel for their sacrifices and service. Citizens need to be mindful to do the same while they are living in a free society. Hopefully grounded in reality with the understanding that freedom is not free, but comes at a high cost.


A Hero’s Story

We will be starting a new monthly feature of focusing on heroes in action. We want to shine a light on the good that is happening and, unfortunately some of the tragedy that the people suffer for doing it. Please send in great stories of heroism. We will post the chosen ones all our marketing, social media and websites.
At the end of their story, we will place a link of their choice that fundraises for them (like of or a non-profit organization (like or We will also send them something from stock or make a contribution for using their story.
Understanding that sometimes anonymity is required, we don’t mind generalizing names and locations if required. We want the real deal. There will be vetting.
Subject:  A hero’s story

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