Sale Sudecon Moist Towelettes Box of 100

Sudecon Moist Towelettes Box of 100

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Sudecon Moist Towelettes Box of 100

Instantly decontaminates by lifting & removing chemical agents from the skin.
• Spontaneously stops the burn—opening eyes and restoring vision usually in 7-15 minutes or less!
• Unmatched effectiveness on all types of defense sprays: OC, CS, CN, OC/CS
• Easy-to-use: just open towelette and wipe all affected areas.
• Sudecon® is a topical solution that is used on closed eyes, NO need to force eyes open and spray them repeatedly like with other products. • Can be applied ‘prior to training exposure’ to reduce the effects of all types of defense sprays.
• Field-proven by military, federal, state & local law enforcement, EMS and medical personal as the superior decontaminate to all other alternatives.
• Easy-to-carry for quick access—3½” x 4” pouch opens to big 7.5 x 11.5 inches and can be conveniently carried on belt in glove pouch or in a shirt pocket.
• Requires NO additional soap or water and contains all natural ingredients
• Cleans-up leather gear, handcuffs, steering wheels, etc.
• Sudecon® reduces liability concerns in all areas
• Environmentally safe: ‘Patented formula’ is comprised of baby-type shampoo, sugar and water.
• Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-irritating

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