Sale Boker Boy Scout Stag

Boker Boy Scout Stag

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  • Brand: BÖKER
  • Product Code: KRBKR112403

Boker Boy Scout Stag

Nobody could have predicted, 30 years ago, that the Ulrich Look designed lockback, by Boker, would enjoy three decades of success as one of the most popular and stable knives in the Boker lineup. While many designs in the knife industry enjoy a limited run, losing steam after a few years, the Boker Scout keeps chugging along, not affected by trends or fashions so common today. The new Boker Boy Scout model breaks with this tradition an - hile not changing the design - provides a smaller, more pocket-friendly version that plays to its strength primarily as a compact everyday companion. With a blade length of 2 1/4", the Boker Boy Scout also has a significantly lower profile, yet is just as rugged and durable as its big brother. We used N690 for the blade steel, which we have successfully employed in recent years on a wide range of our knives. In addition, the nickel silver bolsters are CNC machined for greater precision.

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